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  • Change lives by cultivating joy and healing through singing.

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The Gottesman Fund

Gloria W. Kaylie

New York State Council on the Arts

Sherry Epstein Stein and  Henry Stein


Augustine Foundation

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Elena Neuman Lefkowitz and Jay Lefkowitz

Jill and Dr. Jonathan Mohrer


Vivian and C. Daniel Chill

Jonas Ehrlich Charitable Foundation

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Harman Grossman/Johnson & Johnson

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Carol Weinflash Kopelman and Michael Kopelman/BERRU Foundation

Dr. Alan Mason

Arline Duker and William Werther


Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Rabbi Elyse Frishman and Rabbi Daniel Freelander

Francine M. Gordon

Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Arie & Eva Halpern Family Foundation

Cantor Ronit Wolff Hanan and Rabbi Eli Havivi

Ellen and Meyer Koplow

The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation

Dr. Steven C. Lorch

Petra and Joshua Mohrer

Herb Neuman

Rhonna and Mark Shatz

Temple Judea of the West San Fernando

Cheryl and Daniel Troy


American Endowment Foundation

Edith and Ira Beer

Talia Lefkowitz and  Byron Edwards

Joshua Eisen

Hynda Feit

Peter Finn

Nancy and Dennis Gilbert

Ben Greenwald

Rochelle Stanfield and Edward Grossman 

Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ

Leah Stolar and Bruce Kessler

Dr. Jake Kriger

Debra Klein and Avi Naider

Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation Inc.

Erika Pardes Schon and Dr. Lew Schon

Lara Traum

Lynn and Elisha Wiesel

Cindy and Jacob Worenklein


Beth and Martin Aron

Fredrica Brooks

Rabbi Beth Naditch and Barry Freedman

Judith and Richard Kaplan

Dina and Jonathan Leader

David S. Stone Foundation

Andrea Tresser


Sasha Spielvogel and David Burger

Deborah Steinig and Jason Eisner

Kehilath Jeshurun Benevolent Fund

Bobbie Sue Daitch and David Landau

Lori and Harry Sacks

Ellen Greenbaum and Simeon Schwartz

Robin Segal Skolnik and Rabbi Gerald Skolnik

Bernice Slutzman

Rena and Dr. Elliot Steigman

Dr. Angela Jane Weisl and Dr. Robert Squillace

Bracha and Martin Werber


RabbiCantor Vicki Axe

Aga and David Fine

Donald Gerber

Cheryl and William Gross

Elliot Z. Levine

Elizabeth and Jonathan Liss

Gladys and Matthew Maryles

Joyce and Roger Nussbaum

Ellen and Scott Paticoff

Jill and Lawrence Sandberg

Marisa and Richard Stadtmauer

Susan Jacoby Stern and Joel Stern

Freda Rosenfeld and Hillel Wallick

Max Yaffe

Jane Yahr

Molly Werb-Zwanziger and Jack Zwanziger


Jenifer Caplan and Michael Bernstein

Susan Davis

Dr. Marsha Bryan Edelman and Herb Edelman

Amy Rappaport and Dr. Allan Freedman

Roz and Ira Friedman

Lowell Glazer

Cantor Nancy Abramson and Mitch Glenn

Caroll Goldberg

Cantor Marcy and Paul Kadin

Rhonda and David LeSchack

Robin Wallack

Elaine and Chuck Mason

Shelley and Josef Paradis

Laurence Poisner z’l

David Pollock

Charna Reichel

Meralee and Sidney Schlusselberg

Lisa and Mark Schneider

Karen and Roy D. Simon

Stanley H. Stolar

Rabbi Malcolm Thomson

Abby and Dennis Waldman

Debra Weinberg

Dr. Ruth Wisse


Rabbi Seth and Judith Adelson

Esther and Richard Altmann

Debra Barnett Sagurton

Cantor Moshe Bear

Donna and Dr. Barry Brian

Karen Hochman Brown and Neil Brown

Nancy and Cantor Joel Caplan

Andrea Harris Cohen and Steven Cohen

Caroline Stern and Cantor Gerald Cohen

Marsha and Cantor Richard Cohn

Allen Fein

Lynne and Joshua Fishman

Mollyann Pollak and  Phillip Gassel

Michael Green

Sherri Greenstein Himle and Wayne Himle

Bernice Heilbrunn

Margie and Brett Kerbel

Deanna and Cantor Jeffrey Klepper

Sheila C. Leventhal

Amyjoy Leventhal

Andrej Lipkin

Cantor Erica Lippitz

Jacqueline Lowenfels

Aimee Beyda and Daniel Miller

Hanno Mott

Ahrona Ohring

Dr. Heidi Nelson Rolnick and Allan Rolnick

Judith and Steve Rosen

Carol and Richard Rosenthal

Talya and David Roth

Marsha Roth

Beverly and Richard Rudman

Minna Monte and Mark Seitelman

Amy David and Stu Schneider

Drs. Francene Sokol and Rav-Hazzan Scott Sokol

Deanna and Rabbi Howard Stecker

Deborah and Dr. Jay Tartell

Elyse Aronson-Tsfati and Segev Tsfati

Robert Winograd

Paula M. Mayo and Mitchell Yaven

Young Israel of Scarsdale


Caryn and Dr. Marshall Alter

Anita Diamant and James Ball

Abby Benjoya

Beth El Synagogue

Michael Braun

Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller and

Rabbi Lester Bronstein

Sophie Lee Landau and Dr. Rob Brumer

Theodore Comet

Lauren Marcus and David Eisenberg

Phyllis and Joseph Eisenman

Linda and Michael Elman

Dr. Benjamin Fass

Gregory and Susan Federspiel

Margot Fein

Fern Kestenbaum Flamberg and Daniel Flamberg

Ellen and Cantor Arthur Giglio

Elizabeth Tulin and Leonard Gross

Wendy Goldberg and Daniel Halpern

Susan J. Goldstein

Steven Hoffman

Sharon Penkower and Joseph Kaplan

Marion and Howard Katz

Yosef Keret

Amy and Kevin Kertesz

Rae Theise and Gary D. Kerzner

Helene and Dr. Robert Knee

Vivian and Matthew Lazar

Julie and David Newman-Toker

Deborah Freedman and Avram Paradise

Cantor Faith Steinsnyder and Cantor David Perper

Dr. Judith and Marvin Platt

Gail Port

Sue Lawson and Robert Rosen

Joyce Rosenzweig

Dena Kaye-Phillips and Josh P. Sauer

Leora and Asher Schlusselberg

Renee and Avram Schreiber

Kate and Noah Scooler

Ruth and Paul Seitelman

Barbara Portnoy Spector

Gale and Steven Spira

Hadas Sturman

Carol Kozak Ward and Dr. Seth Ward

Nancy and Ari Weinberger

Steven Wildstein

Cathy and Norman Yohay


Linda and David Altshuler

Shachar Avraham

Diane Baden

Shana Becker and Thomas Allen

Karen Berenthal

Lois and Michael Berlowitz

Joel Brill

Holly and Jonathan Brod Farber

Drs. Carol and Scott Burg

Marvin Davenport

Cantor Mira Davis

Hannah Druckman

Rabbi Moshe Edelman

Mindy and Myron Edelman

Elise and Perry Fellman

Idajean Fisher

Cantor Lauren Phillips Fogelman

Faith Fuerst

Sharon and Rabbi Scott Glass

Rachelle Gold

Sanford Goldberg

Sheryl and Seth Goldman

Daniel Gordon

Dr. Leora Fishman and Roy Gould

Erica Gursen

Norman Guttman

Dr. Roslyn A. Haber

Daniel Hachen

Devorah Harris

Drs. Zeva and Lawrence Herman

Robert Hyman

Martin Irwin

Karen Acker and Glenn Kassel

Olga and Andrew Kagan

Cantor Alane Katzew and Rabbi Jan Katzew

Rena and Yehuda Klein

Lilly Kliman

Candice Koerner

Judith and Martin Konikoff

Maris and Jesse Krasnow

Dr. Aya Betensky and Dr. Robert Kraut

Becca Kvasnik

Sarah Sue Landau

Julie and Tsvi Landau

Nancy and Arin Lanis

Arlyne and Peter LeSchack

Ronnie F. Lesh

Alan Levene

Susanna Levin

Janice and Norman Levin

HarrietAnn Litwin

Hinda and Benjamin Lunzer

Barbara and Dr. Charles Mann

Aliza and Benjamin Mann

Molly and Charles May

Cantors Fredda Rakusin Mendelson and Jacob Mendelson

Deborah and Cantor Alberto Mizrahi

Janet and Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

Steven Nadel

Betsy and Lou Narrow

Toby Nemiroff

Michael Newborn

Roz Okun

Sylvia Pardes

Terise and Eric Parnes

Cantor Lauren Phillips Fogelman

Sheryl and Robert Podgorowiez

Cantor Sidney Rabinowitz

Helene and David Raush

Christina Ritter

Russel Roberts

Amy Rosen

Andrea and Edward Rosenbaum

Cantor Janet Roth

Jean and Aaron Rothstein

Sara Shamah and Charles Safdie

David N Saperstein

Stuart Schneider

Cantor Rena E. Shapiro

Ilana and Alan Shotkin

Ronald C. Shufrin

Annette and William Shulman

Linda Shumofsky

Arlene and Dr. Ron Silikovitz

Randi Spiegel

Dana and Richard Stein

Frieda and Michael Sztejnberg

Donna and Dr. Ira Tabas

Sheri and Craig Tendler

Rabbi Albert Thaler

Sharon and Bill Torodor

Aaron Troy

Cantor Kathy Barr and Edward Allen Weissman

Rachel Wetstein and Daniel Tunkel

Kenny Wintman

Michael Zimmer

Barry Zisholtz