HaZaPrep, the HaZamir Preparatory Program, is the first Jewish choral preparatory program in North America. HaZaPrep is designed to prepare 7th and 8th graders with the Jewish choral music skills and Hebrew language skills they need to enter into the HaZamir high school program in grade 9. The HaZaPrep curriculum teaches those skills in an environment that is educational and fun. There are currently HaZaPrep chapters in cities across the United States:

  •  Baltimore
  •  Bergen County, NJ
  •  Boston
  •  Brooklyn
  •  Chicago
  •  Cleveland
  •  Houston
  •  LA Valley
  •  Long Island
  •  Pittsburgh
  •  Providence
  •  Raleigh-Durham
  •  South Jersey

Visit the “Look” page to view videos of recent HaZaPrep performances.

Save the dates for the National HaZaPrep Retreat February 24-26, 2023

For more information about HaZaPrep, write to HaZamir@ZamirChoralFoundation.org